Discover Intertextile Hub: Live Streaming Portal for online fabric exhibition and Connect PLUS for Business Matching

Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics aims at providing seamless experience connecting exhibitors and visitors. In addition to the physical trade fair, we offer online platforms to help business matching and address sourcing needs. Product exposure on live stream and business matching capability can be maximised while both exhibitors and buyers can enjoy a user-friendly experience and enhanced sourcing efficiency.

What exhibitors can expect


Exhibitors can show off the latest fashion trends via the Intertextile Hub, just like an online fabric show and exhibition. A wide range of services are provided online, from live stream fabrics exhibition to fringe programme including forum sessions and production presentation as well as business matching opportunities. 

  • Onsite display areas
  • Intertextile Hub, a comprehensive platoforms to support and connect onsite physical booth and online exhibition by live streaming for fabrics show and fringe programme
  • Extend brand presence through mobile application
  • Connect PLUS as a business matching tool – speak and meet with potential buyers through AI-driven recommendations
  • Live streaming and webinars to maximise exposure for your latest products/ services
  • 24/7 access throughout the 3-day event and up to 4 weeks after the fair has concluded

What visitors can expect


Visitors will also have plenty of business matching possibilities during Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics – Autumn Edition through Connect PLUS. Furthermore, they will get an in-depth insight into the newest products and services that will be showcased throughout the Intertextile Hub (online fabric show and exhibition).

  • Comprehensive platforms to connect onsite and online exhibitors and visitors 
  • Online sourcing through business matching 
  • Instant messaging and video call functions 
  • Schedule meetings either onsite or online 
  • 24/7 access during the entirety of the 3-day event and up to 4 weeks following the conclusion of the fair

Powerful Online and Onsite matchmaking platform – Connect PLUS


Join us NOW!

Connect PLUS will be available automatically to exhibitors and those who have pre-registered for Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics – Autumn Edition. Enjoy the many benefits our service provides right now!

Intertextile Mobile Application Benefits

  • Enhance brand presence and business matching possibilities with visitors in the Intertextile database
  • Show off your latest products on your social media news feed and attract potential buyers at our online fabric show and exhibition
  • Connect with new suppliers and see their products 
  • Virtual sourcing can be conducted through our business matching capabilities
  • Contact and schedule meetings with potential suppliers in real

Hear what our online platforms users said

“Due to COVID-19, we were afraid of going abroad. We joined Intertextile’s Hybrid Showcase and sent over some fancy knits for display, which are our company’s most popular products. We gained around 40 new contacts – some of them are our target customers and we started talking with them via emails after the fair."

“We displayed 20 pieces of fabrics made by our Chinese manufacturers, a mix of various types and materials to show the diversified fibre types of our company. The showcase area looked very professional and the staff were very enthusiastic.”

“I joined the online business matching programme at the Shenzhen Edition and decided to join again for the Autumn show, as I am still unable to attend the fairs in-person. This time, I managed to meet with a lot more exhibitors via video calls over the three days, around 30 in total. The process was very efficient and I had some great conversations with new potential suppliers, making it worthwhile and productive. "

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