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From Berlin to Shanghai - FASHIONSUSTAIN will happen for the first time at the Intertextile trade show in Shanghai with high-profile speakers from the textiles and fashion industry, sharing their learnings from investing in Sustainable Innovation.

FASHIONSUSTAIN offers valuable insights as well as networking opportunities for all stakeholders across the industry who are interested in learning about Best-Sustainable-Practice. At Intertextile the conference will focus on the current state of innovative technology, investing in innovation and new business models as well as on the important role of pre-competitive collaboration and sourcing practices for innovating the industry.
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2020 Sustainability in Garment Supply Chain

2020 is coming, Forty-seven percent of millennials believe clothing brands are duty-bound to protect the environment. Esprit, Gap, Inditex, New Balance, Puma and Target have all joined the global "Green supply chain map", which shows the relationship between brands and suppliers and further increases the transparency of the supply chain. So how can design centers, fabrics and accessories suppliers, fashion brands work together to create a sustainable supply chain? This forum will explore.

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Product Presentation


Biodegradable Polyester for a Sustainable Future

Introduction of BioFuze, which is a unique polyester yarn developed by Paradise Textiles that has the ability to biodegrade naturally in landfill and marine conditions.

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Industrial experts will share the latest sustainability standard and regulations.

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